Hongtu Xu

Hongtu Xu

Undergraduate in Computer Science and Technology

ShanghaiTech University


Hongtu Xu is a senior student at ShanghaiTech University majored in computer science and technology. His research interests lie in computer graphics subfields, particularly rendering and simulation. He is interested in physically based rendering and animation as well as fluid simulation. He is currently working on high performance realistic volume rendering and fluid simulation using the Lattice Boltzmann Methods at FLARE Lab @ShanghaiTech University.

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  • Computer Graphics
  • Rendering
  • Fluid Simulation
  • High Performance Graphics Systems
  • B.Eng in Computer Science and Technology, 2023

    ShanghaiTech University

Honors and Awards

The 2020 International Collegiate Programming Contest Asia Yinchuan Regional
The 2020 International Collegiate Programming Contest Asia Nanjing Regional


FLARE Lab @ShanghaiTech University, Advisor: Prof. Xiaopei Liu
Computer Graphics Research Asistant
Jun 2021 – Present Shanghai
  • High Performance Realistic Volume Rendering:
    • Implemented volumetric path tracing in both CPU and GPU, using CUDA and OptiX for GPU acceleration.
    • Reproduced residual ratio tracking for transmittance estimation.
    • Implemented super voxels to accelerate residual tracking.
    • Integrated the renderer into the lab’s simulation system.
    • Currently working on problems in multiple overlapping medias and water rendering (black water droplet on transmittance materials). We want to render a waterspout from our fluid simulation data.
  • Aeroacoustics Simulation using the Lattice Boltzmann Methods:
    • Implemented boundary flags for the Interpolated Bounce-Back method.
    • Compared the accuracy of many boundary treatments.
    • Implemented the acoustics collection kernel.
    • Currently focusing on improving the precision on the boundary and optimizing the performance of the collision model.
ShanghaiTech University
Teaching Assistant (CS171 Computer Graphics I)
Sep 2021 – Jan 2022 Shanghai

Responsibilities include:

  • Writing frameworks of 3 homeworks: OpenGL, basic ray tracing and global illumination
  • Holding recitation classes
ShanghaiTech University
Teaching Assistant (CS100 Introduction to Programming)
Feb 2021 – Jun 2021 Shanghai
ShanghaiTech University
Teaching Assistant (SI100B)
Sep 2020 – Jan 2021 Shanghai
Teaching Assistant of SI100B Introduction to Information Science and Technology